May 6, 2015

C. Jayne Teach

Oh my stars y'all!  I was beyond happy last week when I received the best package in the completely MADE.MY.WEEK!  (And let me tell ya...I needed it!  48 end of the year kinders will wear a gal out!)
Check out a few of my favorite goodies I received from C. Jayne Teach!

These pictures don't even do these products justice!  The new line by C.Jayne Teach is too cute to boot and so practical and necessary for YOUR classroom!!
How cute are these folders?!!
And you MUST check out the new Teacher Anchor...It is AMAZING!!
The all-new 2015-16 Teacher Anchor™ is 300 pages full of lesson plans, classroom organizers, curricular checklists, and Common Core standards. PERFECTION!!
Be sure to follow C. Jayne Teach on Instagram @cjayneteach, Facebook ( and her blog (!

February 13, 2015

You've Got the 'Write' Stuff...Baby! (Giveaway)

Hi there friends!!  If y'all are anything like us then you are stoked about NKOTB being on tour right now! #ThrowbackGroupie  A few of my favorite blogging friends got together and we are super pumped to be hosting the "You Got the 'Write' Stuf, Baby!" writing resource giveaway in honor of these yummy guys and... 
our sweet little "new kids on the block!"  All of our precious families have recently grown (or are growing...Abby!) and we wanted to give away a few of our favorite writing resources to celebrate!! 
Check out what each of us are giving away below... 
(Click on our pics to visit our blogs and click on our babies to visit our resource in our TPT store)
Click below for 8 chances to win our "You Got the 'Write' Stuff" Bundle!!  The winner will be announced Sunday evening!!  Good luck sweet friends!!

February 1, 2015

And Another One Bites the Dust...!

Unfortunately, I missed my Friday post...ugh!  My hubby bit the dust Thursday night with the stomach bug so Momma was busy all weekend taking care of the hubby and the babies!  He is now on the mend and we are all praying that E and I don't get it...fingers crossed!!
So two days late but I can now post about my 4th handwriting/fine motor resource...

(Depending on your tweezers, you may want to use the smaller pom pom's.  I used the large ones and my tweezers wouldn't open quite far enough to pick them up).
Do y'all have Super Bowl plans today?  If not, and you'll be doing a little shopping, my store will be 20% off today and tomorrow including my Handwriting/Fine Motor Bundle!
So what team are y'all cheering for?!  Either way...I'm pumped about some yummers food and time with my sweet family!! 
Have a blessed day friends!!

January 29, 2015

A Day Behind!

I am so sorry!!  I completely missed my post last night...mommy duties called!  I had a sick baby that needed my attention and I can't lie...besides cleaning up her sickness multiple times, I absolutely loved my extra snuggles that I was able to steal!
To make up for it, I will be posting about my next TWO handwriting/fine motor resources and both resources and my bundle will be on sale until tomorrow morning...score one for you!!
First up is my Handwriting with a Punch resource.  Super easy peasy and my sweeties love it!  They seriously think its the coolest thing ever to be able to use a hole puncher and I seriously love that I am working their little hand muscles and their brains at the same!!
Supplies needed:  ABC Printables and a hole puncher (you can get these at the dollar store for a buck each...super cheap!!)

Your sweet peas will use the hole puncher to punch out each of the focus letters around the border of the page as seen below...

Last, they will trace each of the focus letters and then write the focus letter using their best handwriting and following the correct letter formation directions. 

This resource is so simple and is great to use for independent practice in centers!!
Here are the materials y'all will need...
I put the paint on small foil squares...easy clean up when you can just take it and toss it in the trash when finished!
Step 1...
Students will "dot" the focus letter using their q-tip and paint and following the correct letter formation.
Step 2...
Students will trace the focus letter at the bottom of the page using a pencil (I used my handy flair pens because believe it or not, I don't have one single pencil in my house...crazy town!).
Finished product...
So what do ya think?!  If you love these two resources, be sure to check out the bundle which will include all 6 packs and a bonus exit slip pack for a discounted price!!
Unfortunately I now must work on paying bills...ugh!  Amazing how the paycheck seems to disappear with just a couple not fun!
Check back tomorrow to read more about my fourth resource...Alphabet Pom Pom Squeeze!

January 27, 2015

Just Clip It, Trace It, Write It!

Hey there friends!  As promised, tonight is the first of 6 blog posts dedicated to my newest resources focusing on handwriting, fine motor skills and letter identification.  I seriously LOVE these units!!  They are perfect for use during centers, for your RTI or Special Ed kiddos or for early finishers. 
Do your little sweeties struggle with fine motor skills as much as mine do?!  This pack (the first of six fine motor/handwriting/beginning letter id packs) was created to engage students in a hands-on approach to handwriting and beginning letter identification while allowing them the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills using clothes pins.
For those visual's a little sneak peek into how this resource works!

I would have loved to have provided you with pics of my students using this resource but since I am home on maternity leave snuggling my two girls, the pics below are all I could muster up!!
Start with these materials...
You can use plain 'ol clothes pins or you can add an extra element to the task and put letters on the clips...
Students would then have to find the correct focus letter on the clips to use with the "clip it" card...well hot dog...even more letter id practice!!
Next, students will find the pictures that begin with the focus letter and "clip it".
Last, students will trace and write the focus letter using their best handwriting remembering to follow the correct letter formation directions.
I have also included exit slips for each focus added little bonus!!
You can check this pack out in my TPT store by clicking here!  You can also grab this resource as part of my "Growing Bundle" which will include 6 handwriting/fine motor resources as well as a bonus Exit Slip pack that can be used with all 6 resources.
Check back tomorrow to learn more about my second pack...Handwriting with a Punch!!

January 26, 2015

Handwriting Growing Bundle (and our growing family)!!

Hi there sweet friends!! It's been a while since I have blogged and I have missed it so!  But I had a very good reason...

Emree Mae blessed our lives on November 20 and our hearts couldn't be more full!! 
I must admit that life has been nothing short of a crazy, beautiful whirlwind since she arrived!  Adjusting to having a newborn and a toddler has been a bit hectic!
Tinleigh absolutely ADORES Emree!  She is so sweet with her giving her lots of kisses and hugs and helping mommy burp her and covering her up with her blanket...that is after we had to teach her what GENTLE meant!  Poor Emree received quite a few swift smacks on this journey of sisterly love!
Besides being busy with these two precious sweeties, I have also been busy creating one of my most favorite resources...a handwriting and fine motor growing bundle!

Each day this week I will blog about one of the resources included in this Growing Bundle.  6 resources will be included in all with a bonus add-on.  The bonus add-on of exit slips is only included in the Growing Bundle but you can purchase each of the other 6 resources separately if you are not in need of them all. 
This handwriting bundle is not only beneficial for handwriting but it also helps your sweeties with their fine motor skills which I see a need for year after year!  You can use these resources for small groups, centers for early finishers, RTI and Special Ed kiddos. 
Check back on the following days to learn more about each of these fun activities!!
I'm still home on maternity leave but the hubby is home for a snow day!!  Can't wait to spend some much needed snuggle time with my loves!!  Have a blessed day sweet friends!!

November 4, 2014

Kinder Benchmarking!

Hi ya sweet friends!  Just wanted to pop in and leave ya with a little freebie.  We recently wrapped up our parent teacher conferences...all 48 of them!!  Let me just tell ya...this momma was plum tuckered out after that!  I'm pretty sure I did a lot of rambling in my whopping 10 minutes that I had with each parent but I have to say that this little packet made those 10 minutes much more intentional. 
During each conference, I went over each assessment that my kiddos had taken so far this year...sight word progress, STAR data and my individual foundational skills (both ELA and math) assessment. 
I also included a list of all of the skills that the students had at least been exposed to thus far this year...I made sure to emphasize that these were not skills that should be mastered as they would see them spiral back around throughout the year.  These were simply skills that had been introduced and were great talking points to use with their sweeties!
I created an individual benchmarking assessment to assess my kiddos on their foundational ELA and math skills...Letter Names (both lowercase and capital), Letter Sounds, Counting, Identifying and Writing their numbers to 20.  For any concept missed, I highlighted it so that myself and the parents were aware.

If you are interested, you can snatch up my benchmarking assessment for free in my store!  Just click here or on the pic below!
How do y'all run your conferences?!  I'd love to hear from ya!!