January 23, 2012


Hi friends!!!  Oh my goodness...can I just say that you all are the best!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for entering my give-away!  I was seriously blown away by the response!!!!  So, without further ado...my three winners are....
Congratulations girls!!!  If each of you could email me {rebecca.browning@boone.kyschools.us}and let me know your choice for your prize in order from first to third along with your mailing address.  Brianne will get first choice and then Mrs. Wright and then Jennifer.  Thank you so much again for supporting me!  You truly make my heart smile!!!  
Don't forget to check out my 100th day activity..."The Case of the Mystery 100th Day Bottle".  I will have my newest unit "Hup, Two, Three, Four...Skill Drill" posted by Wednesday!!  

Hope your Monday was great!!!  Night sweet friends!!

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