January 29, 2012

Be a Bucket Filler!!

Hi!!  I hope y'all have had a great weekend!!  I wanted to write a quick post about a behavior program that I use in my classroom [which I am sure you have heard of] as well as some thoughts about future products that I need your help with!!

First, I have been using the "Bucket Filler" program in my classroom for the last three years and I LO.V.E, love it!!  I begin the year [within the first week of school] by reading these books:

[The third one is good to use for younger children]
I absolutely adore these books and so do my lil' sweeties!!  After reading the stories, each of the students receives a bucket [paper copy attached to the doc below] with their name on it.  They are able to decorate it in any way they would like.  I then laminate the bucket and attach it to the front of a cute library pocket [see below].  
I then use the students buckets to create the board that you see above [have you noticed yet that I am obsessed in love with polka dots?!].  Throughout the week, I look for students acting kindly towards their peers.  As I do, I add a straw to that students bucket as a way of "filling" their bucket.  I rarely have to do this, but if I notice a student being a "bucket dipper", I take a straw out of their bucket.  At the end of the week, I count the straws and whichever student has the most straws is our class "Bucket Filler of the Week"!.  Using the attached doc, we create a "Bucket Filler of the Week" book for that student.  Let me just tell you...this book totally rocks. their. world!!!  To make the book, I write [or type using my ENO board] the sentence started, "I like ______ (insert bucket fillers name) because...".  Students take turns telling me reasons why they like our bucket filler.  This activity is great for not only writing complete sentences but also for using descriptive words.  After we have written [or typed] several reasons on the board, the students are set free to create their page for the book.  Students have the option of using one of the reasons listed on the board or they may create one of their own.  While the class is completing this, the "bucket filler" is decorating the cover of their book [also included in the doc below].  I then laminate the cover of the book and a back cover [using colored cardstock], bind the book and send it home with my lil' sweetie pie!!  By the way, I also complete a page for the book which they love!!  I try to pick a different bucket filler each week so that every student has a chance to be one!!  I'd love to hear if any of you use this program, and if so...how?  Click any of the pics below to grab the docs!!


Next on my list...I am planning a V-day mini unit titled "Read from the Heart".  This unit will include three comprehension activities, several centers for reading and math as well as a couple writing activities (all themed for valentines day).  The main focus however will be a fundraiser that I would love to have all of you join in on!!  It is super simple...I promise!!  We have a student at our school that lost a sibling at a young age to a heart disease.  The family of this student has set up a scholarship fund in honor of the child.  To help raise money for this fund, we are planning to have a mini reading marathon (1-2 hours) on Valentines day.  Students will ask family and friends to pledge $0.14 (in honor of V-day!) for every book they read during our mini-marathon.  All of the proceeds will go to the scholarship fund.  We will also be creating book marks and mini books (which will be included in my unit) for children at our local children's hospital.  I would love to have as many blogging friends as possible join in on this!!  The money you raise can be donated to the scholarship fund or the heart unit at your local children's hospital.  My mini unit will include a parent letter to explain the read-a-thon as well as a pledge sheet and reading log for each student.  I am planning to have a "button" created for this project that you can post on your blog.  Please, please, please let me know what you think!!

Wow wee!  Sorry for such a long post!!  Hope y'all have a great finish to your weekend!!!  I will be back later this week with my "Read from the Heart" unit.  Keep an eye out for my next two units which will focus on personal narratives and persuasive writing!! 



  1. I'm new to the teacher blogging community and I love your blog! Ill have to check out project 3 designs for my new blog! It needs some cute added to it! :)
    Erin Mason

  2. Thanks for the Bucket forms- so cute! I use the program too :) I really like the having a Bucket Filler of the week idea!

    New Adventures in First Grade

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    First Grade Delight

  4. Oh my goodness - this is the cutest. I'm your newest follower and I just can't wait to take a look around! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

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    Come on over and see what it's all about!

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  6. I love the idea of the book and BF of the Week- we do bucket fillers too!


  7. I LOVE this idea! I was reading through the letter home and found proud spelled as prod. Thought I would mention it. Thanks for your hard work and creativity!

  8. These are so cute!! How do you make these documents with borders? I would love to use the ones I have downloaded but can't figure out how to insert them. Also, where did you find the cute pink stripe background? Thanks

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  9. Hi Miss J! All of my borders come from shops on ETSY...I just searched digital scrapbooking borders. I use powerpointe and insert them as a png or jpeg {go to insert and then picture and they should be wherever you saved them!}. The striped background also came from ETSY...type in digital scrapbooking paper and you will get a TON of results! Hope this helps!!!

  10. I LOVE this post! We do bucket filling too and my kiddos love it! We fill our bucket with helpful hearts. At the end of the year we use the hearts to make bracelets. They adore it!

    Heather's Heart

  11. Adorable set of Bucket Fillers! Have you had much luck w/ that in the classroom?

    I am your newest follower (and a fellow Kentucky teacher). I have recently started my blog, I'd love if you hoped over and checked it out. :-)


    1. Hi Kentucky friend!! Yes...I have had a ton of success with this program! It truly transformed my classroom!!! Can't wait to check out your blog!!

  12. I love this book!! We used it a bit last year. I love the idea of highlighting bucket filling once a week. It seems manageable and allows all the students to be a part. :)