February 2, 2012

Small Moments with Small People!!

Hi friends!  Just wanted to drop in real quick and let you know that I just uploaded my Personal Narrative unit here {on TPT} and here {on Teacher's Notebook}!!  We are in full swing of writing our Personal Narratives in my classroom and I am absolutely in LOVE with their stories...they seriously are amazing!  I will upload pics and examples of their writing when we finish them up!!

Next up on my list...A Valentine Unit and a Tooth Fairy Persuasive Writing Unit.  The Valentine Unit will be posted by Sunday {fingers crossed}.  Some of its goodies will include {all about hearts!!}:
  • Read the Room
  • I Have Who Has
  • Making Words
  • 3-4 Comprehension Activities
  • Literacy and Math Centers
  • A Service Learning Project...Read From the Heart
  • and so much more!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me and for all of my sweet comments!  I seriously LOVE y'all to pieces!!
P.S. Although I tried to check my unit a million times for errors, there very well could be some!  Please let me know if you see any and I will get them fixed asap!

Night sweet friends!!!


  1. I'm sure it's darlin'!