March 18, 2012

Mish Mosh!!

Spring has officially sprung in Kentucky...or at least the temperatures say it has!  It has been absolutely beautiful here the past few would never know that it was March with temperatures in the upper 70's!!  It is supposed to be in the 80's by mid-week...C-RAZY!!!

By the way...have I told y'all lately how much I adore you?!!  We had such an amazing response to our give-away...405!!  Thank you so much to all who truly made my heart smile!!  So without further ado...
Chelsea and Jenny...just send me an email {} and let me know what your choices are from each of our stores and I will send your units to you!  Thank you so much again for participating!!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Smyth at New Adventures in First Grade, Sheree Peterson at Peterson's Pad, Ashley at First Grade Smart Cookies and Tamera at My Heart Belongs in First for your super sweet awards!  If you haven't checked our their adorable blogs yet, you should stop by and become a follower!!

One last thing...I had a tiny mistake in my Personal Narrative Unit {it never fails!}.  I uploaded the revised copy so please stop by and pick it up!

Hoping your day is beautiful and warm!!


  1. I have a question and I hope that you don't mind me asking

    But I am having a giveaway right now on my blog and for some reason blogger will not show me any comments past 200! Do you know how I can fix this

  2. Hi! I don't mind you asking at all! If you look at the bottom of your comments, it should say "load more". Do you see this?