June 3, 2012

End of the Year Fun!!

I want to start by apologizing!!!  I have been the worst blogger ever over the past month!  Let's just say that life has been a tid bit crazy...just take a look at the pic below!

Yep...that's right...that pile of a mess is my poor classroom boxed up in my basement!  Because I am moving to the new school in our district next year (Wahoo!!), I had to box up everything and move it to my basement until we can get into our new rooms.  Right now, we are looking at the first of August...two weeks before school starts!  I can already feel myself breaking out in hives just over the thought of it!!!

So between packing up my room, ending the year and everything else in between, my poor little ol' blog has been greatly neglected!  To make up for this terrible neglect, I will be posting a few times this week!  Today, I want to update you on the end of the year (we got out of school on May 18th---seriously!!!).  I am hoping and praying that by the middle of this week I will have some new goodies posted for you since I have also neglected doing that recently!!

Ok...let's get started!  First up, my student teacher gifts!  I was lucky enough to get a student teacher this year for the first time and had a blast with her!  It truly was a learning experience for both her and I.  I can't tell you how hard it is to turn your classroom and precious little one's over to someone else for a solid four weeks!  Take a peek at our gifts for her!
We decorated the matting with each student's thumb print and name...too cute!!

I bought her a few of my favorite things...cute paper, my fav book for the first day of school, a notepad, Flair Pens (a must have!) and a parent teacher store gift card (lord knows we all spend a fortune there!)

We also made her our Bucket Filler of the Week!!

We finished the day with ice-cream sundaes...YUM!!

Now onto Mothers Day...check out these adorable portraits that my lil' darlin's drew of their sweet mommy's!  First they illustrated their mom and then wrote adjectives describing her around the portrait.  I then had them choose a piece of scrapbook paper to use as the matting.  We laminated the illustration and threaded the top with ribbon for hanging...easy peasy lemon squeezy!! 

{Here is an up close pic}

Last up...A few cutesy things I have bought for my classroom for next year...I am already super excited to decorate my new room!!
I found this darlin' tray at HomeGoods and had to have it!

My momma and I found this adorable rug at a little boutique while out shopping on Mother's Day...Love it!

One last pic to leave you with...My sweet hubby and I spent the last week in Myrtle Beach with his parents and sisters and their boyfriends!  So relaxing and so much fun!!!

I PROMISE to be back soon with a few goodies for you!  Have a blessed Sunday sweet friends!!


  1. I love your student/teacher gift ideas!! They came out so cute, especially the photo frame. :) Good luck with your move to the new school!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Hey there!

    I can sympathize with changing schools. I was lucky enough that since my district MADE me switch schools, all I had to do was box everything up with my name on it and then they moved it for me. Heavens knows I would NOT have had enough room for all of that stuff in my house!

    I love all your cute ideas!! I can't to see more soon! :)

    Would love for you to visit my blog sometime, if you get a chance.
    Sweeties In Second

    1. I'm checking it out now...can't wait!!

  3. Your student teacher's gifts are so cute. Anything that adds the kids fingerprints are adorable, in my opinion!

    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  4. Relaxing in SC sounds amazing!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

  5. I love Myrtle Beach! I'm heading there with my fam this summer :) I also love your student teacher picture frame!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. The picture frame with the student fingerprints is great! Good luck with the move!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  7. I read the whole post- everything looks great-
    but do you know what I really took away from that?
    How freakin' smart it is to do sundaes in those little ice cream cups!!!!
    OMG! Genius!

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!


  8. I am so excited I found your blog. I am your newest follower.


  9. Where can I get a copy of the Mother's Day idea? I love it!