July 25, 2012

Help Wanted!!

Ok friends...I desperately need your help!!  I am moving into a brand spankin' new classroom this year and we just found out that we can't have rugs in our classroom--GASP!! I am THIS CLOSE to freaking out...
{see picture above...can you tell how I feel about this situation?!!}
How do I teach my little sweeties without a carpet?!  The reasoning behind this madness is that the flooring that was installed reacts to the rubber on carpets and leaves a yellow stain on the floor.  We were told that we could use carpet squares or anything that could be picked up and put away after it has been used.  This is where I need your help.  If any of you have any brilliant ideas of what I can use this year so my friends little bottoms don't kill them when sitting on the floor, I would absolutely love you!  Oh yea...here is the curve ball--I'm a bit OCD and I would love for whatever I use to match and coordinate with my classroom colors (black, teal, red and lime green)!!  I know--what a tall order that is!!  I appreciate any and all suggestions!!  Thanks sweet friends---y'all are the best!!! 


  1. Yikes! What about those interlocking foam puzzles tiles? Here is a sample: http://www.ebay.com/itm/48-SQ-FT-BLUE-INTERLOCKING-FOAM-FLOOR-PUZZLE-TILES-MATS-PUZZLE-MAT-FLOORING-/221063118492?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3378637e9c

    I know I've seen them in many different colors and designs. Hope that helps!

  2. omgosh!!! WHAT?!?!?!

    I used to use the foam puzzle piece square thingies....

  3. I've never had a carpet!!! Lakeshore has sets of "soft seats" and Really Good Stuff has a version too... you could also pick up carpet squares?
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I like the alphabet carpet squares...here is an example of one kind:

    First Grade Blue Skies

  5. Sadly, I do not have a brilliant idea but I just had to tell you that you are too stinkin cute!!! :) haha

    Those soft seats are pretty cute and the kids love them.
    My teacher neighbor uses them!

    Good Luck
    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  6. I've never been able to have carpet! :( What about fuzzy bathmats?
    I am having a Give Away - Stop by & Enter to Win.


  7. I love your freak out picture! :) Good luck, friend!

  8. Can you put the non-slip rubber in between your rug so that the bottom of the rug does not touch the floor??? You can also call local carpet companies and they will give you old samples that work great! I had a stack of them from a parent one year. They are bound around the edges because they are used to show customers the best sample...

    I hope you find something that will work!!

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  9. We have the same rule at our school, too, so a lot of our teachers (including myself) use the foamy blocks that the other girls are talking about. They make it nice for you to stand on, too...nice and cushy! ;) I got mine from K-Mart but they are primary colors.

    Good luck!
    Sweeties In Second

  10. Ive seen the round bath rugs from Target used. They look like polka dots on your floor. All colors available. Available at Ikea also.

  11. I was also thinking bathmats or a rag rug. If you had a rag rug you could probably sew them together to create one big area too. I like the foam block idea as well.
    Stop by my blog sometime. I am having a giveaway. Good luck with your carpet situation!:)
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  12. I swear, this is the perfect solution! I just bought a bunch of these in cute colors at IKEA because my rug is not big enough for all my firsties and needed some extra rug space. Only $2.99 a pop and not too big, not too small for the little ones! They are actually bath mats but look darling in the classroom!

    1. Uhhh, I guess the link would help! ;) Good luck!


  13. Ok, so I am late to the party.

    At first I thought of my Fun with Phonics carpet squares. I LOVE mine. I got them through donors choose. Problem is that either you would have to pony up $125.00 or wait for a grant to be funded.

    2nd: I thought about these fancy cushions. Or any chair pillow or cushion. Problem is they are pretty expensive when your looking to buy for a whole class.

    3rd: I thought of a
    body pillow. You could buy a pillow case in whatever color you wanted, take them off to wash them, arrange then in a variety of ways, fit 2 to 3 kids on each pillow (depending how big they are), and they are pretty inexpensive. I think each pillow is about $10.00. The drawback for me would be storage.

    I like the bath mat idea too but I thought I would throw out a few more. I am actually curious as to what you decided cause I think I read you started school already.

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