July 31, 2012

A little of this, a little of that and a HUGE thank you!!

Wow friends!  Y'all are just too sweet for words!!  Thank you so much for all of your recent comments on my blog posts!!!  I absolutely love reading each of them and I am so thankful for them...especially all of your great ideas for my "rug crisis"!!  I loved all of your ideas!!  I think I may order these from Lakeshore with my school fee money {they are a bit pricey--ouch!}...

Indoor-Outdoor Soft Seats

I adore the bright colors and they are made out of vinyl which means they can be easily cleaned...LOVE it!!

While I am thanking you, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you that have bought my word wall packs and for those that I have been able to customize packs for!  I have had so much fun creating them!!  I just posted a new one that is great for any classroom that uses primary colors...check out the pics below.  I made this pack after a sweet teacher asked me to and I absolutely love how it turned out!!

{Click on the pic to grab this from my TPT store!}
{P.S.  If you love this pack but would rather see orange instead of purple, I can for sure make the change!!  Just let me know!!}

I am also working really super hard to get my ELA "Tracking My Teaching" pack posted by the end of the week.  I will offer it by itself and I will also offer it paired with my Math pack for a discounted rate.  I am so excited to use this pack this year...I am praying it helps keep me on "track" with my teaching and with knowing how my students are doing at all times! 

{I have updated this pack's background print so if you already purchased this pack, you will be able to download the updated pack very soon!}

Here is a sneak peak at the ELA pack...

{There is a second page included that lists the students names from 16-30!}

This is a first grade pack but I am contemplating making the packs for other grades.  Is anybody interested in seeing this pack {math and ELA}  for other grades...K, 2, 3, 4, or 5???? 
Enjoy sweet friends!  Oh yeah...I still have not gotten into my classroom...school starts in 15 days...I am again slightly freaking out--like breaking out in hives freaking out!!  It will all work out though....right????


  1. I really like this common core tracker - it will give teachers great info as we teach. I would love to see one for 2nd grade!

  2. Hello!
    YES, YES, YEEEEESSSSS! I would LOOOOVE to see and purchase one for third grade!!!!!! Let me know if you by any chance started this! THANK YOU!!!
    Melissa :)