August 12, 2012

Back to School Sale!!

Hi sweet friends! It's that time of year again that you won't want to miss! TPT is throwing their annual back to school sale and there are a ton of stores participating...lil' 'ol me included!! Be sure to stop by and stock up on your must haves for the year! Don't forget to enter the code BTS12 to get a total of 28% off...wowzers!!
Check out a few of my fav items!!

{A great assessment tool to pair with my word wall packs!!}

{Available in tons of colors and patterns!!}

 Happy shopping sweet friends and cheers to another amazing school year with our precious darlin's!! Happy shopping!!
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August 4, 2012

Common Core Check List Complete...PTL!!

Congrats to Kaycee and Mikki...comment numbers 2 and 12!!  I am sending you your packs now!  Thank you so much to all of you who left comments...y'all are too sweet!!  Hugs!!

I finally completed my Common Core Checklist for ELA and a combined pack that includes the ELA and Math together for a discounted rate!  In the words of my sweet friend, Babbling Abby...PRAISE THE LORD!! 

{Copied from my listing on lil' fingers are too tired to type anything else so I am using the grace of God...copy and paste!!}
This pack was created to once again help keep me {and you} organized!! I have a desperate need to know what I have taught, how often I have taught it and which of my lil' darlin's got what I taught!! Included in this pack is a checklist for each of the Common Core ELA and math standards for first grade. On each checklist I have listed the standard and allowed room for you to write the dates you taught the standard as well as a place to write students names who are struggling with this standard. In addition, for each standard, there is a class checklist in which you can list each of your sweeties names and have a place to check whether they mastered, partially mastered or did not master the standard. I love having this to use as anecdotal notes as well as to document each child's progress at the end of a term. Each section is divided with a cover sheet for that particular strand (geometry, measurement & data, etc.). I plan to place all of this in my assessment binder for easy access! I hope this helps you "track your teaching" this year!!

Click on the pic below to grab your copy of the combined document from my TPT store!

Or you can purchase each pack separately!!  Click on the pic of the pack you need to head on over to my TPT store!

Enjoy sweet friends!!

{P.S.  I'd love to hear what you think!!  Leave me a comment and I will have my hubby randomly pick two numbers {using the order you commented} and those two comments will snag a copy of my completed combo pack...both the ELA and Math Standards!!  Don't forget to leave your email addy!!}