September 23, 2012

And the Winner is...Plus a Couple Math Freebies!!

And the winner is...
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Congrats sweet friend!!  If you could just email me with your info {full name, shipping address etc.}, then I can get it all to VeryJane so that you can get your super cute necklace!!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated!!  Y'all made my little heart smile with all your sweet comments!! 

I can finally say after about two hours of working on my computer that I have fixed my "follow by email" widget..."SIGH" of relief!  I swear that I was going to work all day yesterday until it worked...its was driving me nuts!!  Please let me know if it truly does work for you though...I pray that it does!!

If you follow me on facebook then you saw that this weeked was a "snuggle under the covers" kind of weekend!  I literally spent ALL DAY yesterday in bed with my trusty friend "Mr. Sniffles".  With this crazy change in weather, I was finally hit hard with my first head cold of the season--yuck!  Although I hate being sick, it did give me a reason to be lazy and do absolutely nothing!!

Because I did nothing yesterday, I have a ton to do today so this post is going to be short.  I did want to leave you with a couple freebies though!!

First up is my Math Learning Log that I am implementing this year.  There is nothing too fancy shmancy about it but I love that it gets my lil' firsties thinking about what they learned that day.  It is also great to send home to the parents at the end of the week so that they are able to see what we learned as well.  I made it very generic so that you can use it with any unit on any day of the week.  Click the pic below to grab yourself a copy!!

Do your sweeties struggle a bit with learning even and odd numbers?  Yea--mine did too until we learned these songs {sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O}!  Oh my word...they love them!  It tickles me pink when I hear them singing them during work time when trying to figure out if a number is even or odd!  Click one of the pics below and get to singin' my friends!!

Don't forget to check back on Tuesday for Chic Teacher Tuesday hosted with my sweet friend Abby over at The Inspired Apple!!  Hope y'all have a great rest of your weekend!!