September 11, 2012

...Chic Teacher Tuesday...

Hi there sweet friends!  My fab gal pal, Abby {yes...I am talking about that precious girl over at The Inspired Apple--don't you just heart her?!}, and I are pairing up to bring you a little weekly feature called Chic Teacher Tuesday, where we will give your over worked brain a break to spotlight a few chic {and cheap!} teacher threads!!  Go check out her post HERE.

Abby and I have one important similarity...we both love to bargain shop!  I haven't quite become the expert that she is but I have to admit that this girl knows how to penny pinch and use a coupon or twenty!!  I am all about saving some money but still dressing chic!

As Abby said in her have to pinky promise bite your thumb that you will not judge me based on the cheesy photos posted below...please and thank you!  Let me tell you...taking photos at 6:30 in the morning to post on the internet for the whole world to view is somewhat totally awkward!  Thanks to the hubs for taking these photos though...he's the best and such a good sport!!

I also have to apologize for the horrible quality of these photos!  I have lost temporarily misplaced my usb cord for my camera and had to resort to the trusty iPhone...urgh!

I adore Target!  This cute little lacy blouse comes in 3 colors for a whopping $ it!

I hosted a Premier Jewelry party and scored a total of $450 in free jewelry...seriously amazing!!  Both Premier and Stella and Dot have fab hostess incentives.  If you are looking to expand your jewelry collection, you should for sure think about hosting a party!  It was totally painless and I usually hate hostessing events like this...the whole putting my friends on the spot to purchase something drives me bonkers!
Love, Love, Love Bannana Republic but I hate, hate, hate their prices!  I was able to snatch up this beauty for next to nothing thanks to a friends and family 50% coupon...I love a good deal!!!

More free Premier jewelry!!
A Target maxi dress paired with a denim jacket makes for an easy transition from summer to school!

I live for cute little boutiques!  I love their limited selection so I know everyone and their mother won't have the same pieces as I do...I like a little originality in my life!!  I picked up this little dress for...wait for it...$10 at Francesca's!  They have the cutest clothes and are super reasonable in price. have to make sure you check out these fab sites for some stellar deals!  Seriously, if you love designer looks at a not so designer price, you will be head over heels in love!!  Like them on facebook and you will get advanced notice on their products.  You have to act fast though...they are limited on their quantities!

You will find EVERYTHING you could imagine here at wonderful prices!!  Click on the pic to head to their site!!

This site has the most precious outfits but you have to act fast because they sell out in record time!!

Hope y'all were able to pick up some chic tips!!  Be sure to stop in later this week...I will be posting a few freebies including tips on how to use math learning logs with the little bits!!  Night sweet friends!!


  1. This is so fun! I am now your newest follower thanks to your collaboration with Abby...I also LOVE Premier & Francesca's. Any extra money I have typically goes to one or the other:)

  2. Yay!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! You are too sweet!! I'm heading to your blog now!!

  3. You two are some dealing cuties! I'm sure you've heard about DownEast? If not, they have some super cute deals. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see next week's chic picks.
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  4. I hosted a Premier party with my cousin and even though we shared the goodies, we both got TONS of free stuff!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. Adorable! You are one well dressed teacher! You make me want to go shopping. Time to hit Target! I love those little clips too. Thanks for the fun post!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  6. I LOVE Francesca's!!!!! You are too too too cute!

  7. you are so cute! Miss my vacation buddies! Hope all is well!!

  8. So so so cute! Forget Pinterest, I'll just check back here weekly for my outfit ideas. Love it all!


  9. SOOO cute! Loving Chic Teacher Tuesday! I am a total shopaholic and love love LOVE good bargains! Francescas is like my sanctuary, and thanks for the very jane recommendation, I am now OBSESSED!!!! Love this post idea!! Thanks for the tips!

  10. Oh my goodness, I have been obsessing over that black maxi dress from Target for months but they're completely sold out! boo!!!!