September 18, 2012

...Chic Teacher Tuesday...& a Giveaway!!

Wow wee!  Y'all--this little 'ol teacher is plum tuckered out!  Is it Friday yet cause I am in need of some serious sleep?!  These 13 hour days that I am pulling are seriously catching up to me!  Does anyone else feel as if you spend FOREVER at school and still can not seem to get caught up?  Don't get me wrong...I dearly love my job but I am totally treading water at best!

Thank goodness for Chic Teacher Tuesday!  It is the one moment out of the week that I can stop, take a breath and enjoy catching up on some serious girl and it!!  Don't forget to check out sweet Abby's post here {it is amazing as alwasy!!}...

I am also lovin' this coolness that has suddenly swept over the K-Y!  Seriously y'all, it was steamy hot just a few days ago and now it is hoodie weather and I am lovin' it!!  I am so ready to wake up on a Saturday morning, crack the windows, curl up in a blanket {with Mr. Hubby of course!} and sip on a cup of Chai Tea!!  I am also so ready to fill my house with the fantabulous fall scents from Bath and Body Works...I am OBSESSED with their candles!  Like I for real buy them out anytime I walk past their store and they are running their 2 for $20 sale...its a true disease I tell ya!

Now to my favorite part of this post...chic teacher clothes!!  Have I mentioned to y'all how much I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft?  If you have not checked out this store yet {which I am almost certain that you have}, then you MUST find the one closest to you and run there ASAP!  They have some of the cutest, most classy clothes around at a great price.  I would say that half of my wardrobe is from The Loft and I did not pay for one single article of clothing full price!!  They are forever having deals anywhere from "50% off sale merchandice" {which is almost always in season clothes} or even "40% off the ENTIRE store"!  They completely rock my socks off!!  As if those deals weren't awesome enough, they run promotions almost monthly where if you spend $50 bucks you get a coupon to come back and pick out $50 worth of more cute threads and only pay $25.  Alright Loft, you have won my heart...and my hubbys...with all your money saving deals!!  Check out a few of the deals I have gotten recently...

{Yet again...terrible picture.  If only I could find my dang USB cord!}

{More Premier jewelry paired with a Forever 21 bracelet I snagged for $3 that store too!!}

{This little cutie was swipped off the sale rack for a whopping $10}

{MOST comfy dress ever! How can you go wrong with a dress that is made to feel like a sweatshirt?}

While out this weekend for some serious retail therapy, I stumbled upon this fantastic new store in our area...
I was in love instantly when I walked in the door!  Think Anthropology but not quite so pricey.  Don't get me wrong, they are still a bit pricey but their accessories were fab and totally reasonable in price.  While browsing through their jewelry a precious little necklace caught my eye.  If any of you follow that sweet little angel Nora then you know all about the "three birds" {if you haven't read about Nora then you must click here and start following her truly is life altering!!}  When I looked at the necklace more closely I realized that there guessed it...three birds exactly on it!! 

 I seriously almost started crying right then and there.  I knew that I had to buy it for Nora's mommy.  I wrapped it up and sent it home with Nora's sister on Monday...yes, I am crazy lucky to have Nora's family at my school!!  Anyhow, you really should check out this store...its really neat!!

Ok--last little tid bit of chic-ness before I reveal my surprise.  While Pinteresting {is that even a word?!} this weekend I found this amazing little tip...

Do you love the look of a peek-a-boo sock but hate the bulky feeling? too!  No worries, take an old sweater {possibly found while thrifting}, cut the bottom half of the sleeve off and slide it up over your calf.  So simple and too cute!!  I will for sure be sportin' this style this winter!

And now to the best part of this surprise!!  After posting last week I received an email from...Very Jane!  I was blown away that they had taken the time to follow their site referrals back to Abby and I.  After chatting a bit, we decided to team up for a giveaway!!  Check out the pics below of the fab necklace that you have a chance to score...

Listed below are the ways you can enter...
Liking Very Jane on Facebook--
Subscribing to VeryJane emails -
Blogging about VeryJane - just drop the link of the post after you have done so to verify the entry
Becoming a new follower at The Inspired Apple
Becoming a new follower at Darlin' in First

The Giveway will end Saturday at midnight.  Good luck sweet friends!!  Night y'all!!


  1. I love that sweatshirt dress! And I'm going to Loft website right now!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. where did you find your comfy (sweatshirt-feel) dress? It's cute!

  3. Loft! I'm telling ya...I live in that store! Love it!!

  4. Agreed. Love the sweatshirt dress. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  5. Found your blog today by way of Abby. I am your newest follower:) I also just purchased your dolch word kit! Its perfect! I wouldlove you to stop by and visit.

    The Resourceful Apple

  6. Just came across your site through Babbling Abby and btw Altered State is my new favorite store!!!!

  7. I am your newest follower! I LOVE The peek a book sock "cheat" idea. I can't wait to try that. And for the record, I too, am addicted to the BBW candles. I wait for the 2 for $20 and just keep buying them and buying all time fav- frosted cupcake!


  8. I love, love, love, the sweatshirt dress! I so want one!! :)

    I also love the boot sock idea. That is so cute and would be so much more comfortable! Thanks for the tip! :)


  9. Love the sweatshirt dress!

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ann Taylor Loft. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. I need one of those comfy sweatshirt dresses. Too cute! I am a new follower.

    Stop by if you get a chance!


  11. So glad my sweet friend Abby sent me over! I love the LOFT and I really wanted that Very Jane necklace but it was out when I went to order. Fingers crossed, I win!!!

  12. I love the sales rack dress! So cute! Where did you get the chunky necklace?

    1. Thanks friend! I got the brown wooden one at The Limited and the turquoise one from Premier!! Love them both!!

  13. You are ridiculously adorable! 90% of my closet is Loft! Their sales suck me in every time. :) Awesome post...I'm a new follower.

    I'd love it if you stopped by my new blog!


  14. Love your style! And I am obsessed with that sock boot trick!

  15. Love the sock trick!! I need to find a sweater to try that out!! :)

    Lessons with Laughter