April 23, 2012

A Mish Mosh and a Gift from God!!

Hi sweet friends!  This post is going to be chalk full of mish mosh teaching strategies that I use in my classroom...I hope you enjoy!!

First up...perfect pointer glitter!  My lil' darlin's simply adore this stuff!!  Whenever we are reading I tell my kiddo's that I am looking for friends who are using their "perfect pointers" to help guide their reading.  When I find them doing this, I put a little glitter glue "perfect pointer" glitter on their finger!  It is amazing what a little glitter will do for reading and tracking!!
 {Check out those adorably manicured nails...a girl after my very own heart!!}

Next up...Word Wands!!  When my kiddos are "reading the room" for their words of the week, I look and listen for those who are using their "loud and proud" voices to read the words they find.  When I do, they get to pick out a "word wand" to help them read the room!  I'm telling ya...every little bit helps when trying to get these sweeties excited and interested in reading!!  This is a close second to the "perfect pointer" glitter for their favorite reading helper!!

{I have a bajillion of these in all different fantastic shapes!!  I simply hot glued the wooden shapes..found at Michaels...to a dowel rod.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!}

And last...first week of school/field trip tags!  I make these tags for my darlin's at the beginning of the school year and they work like a wonder!  I include their name, their lunch and bus numbers, our school name, my name and our school number.  These can be used at the beginning of the year when your littles are learning their lunch and bus numbers as well as on field trips.  I simply love them!!  I create the tags and place them in the pouch pictured below.  Seriously...they are a life saver and super quick and easy to make!
One last thing...completely un-teacher {is that a word?!!} related!  One of our super sweet first grade darlin's became a sister a week ago tomorrow!  Unfortunately, she was born with Trisomy 18...absolutely heartbreaking.  Against all odds, this sweet little miracle was born and will turn a week old tomorrow!  She is truly a sign of our God's miraculous glory and love!  Follow this amazing blog here and see for yourself just how amazing our God truly is!!  

April 19, 2012

Plum District Deal!

Just a quick note...I just received an email that Plum District's deal this week is for $50 worth of Erin Condren products for only $25!!  AMAZING!!  The deal is only good for the next 4 days so hurry on over and pick up this awesome deal!!
I am in LOVE with my life planner!!  What will I buy next?!!! 
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