September 25, 2012

{Chic Teacher Tuesday}

Alright y'all...this little teacher is so stinkin' tired!  I am thinking that I have overloaded my plate a bit too much this year and I am realizing that I am not "super teacher"...despite how much I would like to think that I am!  For that reason, I am going to keep this post short and to the point so feel free to read this as quickly as possible {or not at all} and then head on over to Abby's post and check out her cuteness!  I am most certain that she has more for you tonight than I have to offer!  I pinky promise to be back next week rested and with more chic-ness!!  So here is what I wore this week...simple but cheap!! 

Ann Taylor Loft dress snagged once again from the sale rack paired with my fave fall!!

Would y'all believe that this entire outfit cost less than $50 bucks?  The top and skirt are straight from the sale rack at Banana Republic {have you caught on yet that I live for sales?!}, the ankle boots are from Payless  and the scarf is from Charming Charlies

I slept in on this morning and Mr. Hubby wasn't available to snap my pic...gotta love self portraits!  This sweatshirt tunic is from Old Navy...of which I bought during my first year of teaching...5 years ago!!  I seriously love it and all its comfy-ness!  Paired with leggins' and it makes for a very snuggly kind of day!!

Alright sweet friends...that's all I've got for you tonight!  Boring...I know!  I promise to make next weeks post way more fun!!  Hugs to you all!!

September 23, 2012

And the Winner is...Plus a Couple Math Freebies!!

And the winner is...
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Congrats sweet friend!!  If you could just email me with your info {full name, shipping address etc.}, then I can get it all to VeryJane so that you can get your super cute necklace!!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated!!  Y'all made my little heart smile with all your sweet comments!! 

I can finally say after about two hours of working on my computer that I have fixed my "follow by email" widget..."SIGH" of relief!  I swear that I was going to work all day yesterday until it worked...its was driving me nuts!!  Please let me know if it truly does work for you though...I pray that it does!!

If you follow me on facebook then you saw that this weeked was a "snuggle under the covers" kind of weekend!  I literally spent ALL DAY yesterday in bed with my trusty friend "Mr. Sniffles".  With this crazy change in weather, I was finally hit hard with my first head cold of the season--yuck!  Although I hate being sick, it did give me a reason to be lazy and do absolutely nothing!!

Because I did nothing yesterday, I have a ton to do today so this post is going to be short.  I did want to leave you with a couple freebies though!!

First up is my Math Learning Log that I am implementing this year.  There is nothing too fancy shmancy about it but I love that it gets my lil' firsties thinking about what they learned that day.  It is also great to send home to the parents at the end of the week so that they are able to see what we learned as well.  I made it very generic so that you can use it with any unit on any day of the week.  Click the pic below to grab yourself a copy!!

Do your sweeties struggle a bit with learning even and odd numbers?  Yea--mine did too until we learned these songs {sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O}!  Oh my word...they love them!  It tickles me pink when I hear them singing them during work time when trying to figure out if a number is even or odd!  Click one of the pics below and get to singin' my friends!!

Don't forget to check back on Tuesday for Chic Teacher Tuesday hosted with my sweet friend Abby over at The Inspired Apple!!  Hope y'all have a great rest of your weekend!!

September 18, 2012

...Chic Teacher Tuesday...& a Giveaway!!

Wow wee!  Y'all--this little 'ol teacher is plum tuckered out!  Is it Friday yet cause I am in need of some serious sleep?!  These 13 hour days that I am pulling are seriously catching up to me!  Does anyone else feel as if you spend FOREVER at school and still can not seem to get caught up?  Don't get me wrong...I dearly love my job but I am totally treading water at best!

Thank goodness for Chic Teacher Tuesday!  It is the one moment out of the week that I can stop, take a breath and enjoy catching up on some serious girl and it!!  Don't forget to check out sweet Abby's post here {it is amazing as alwasy!!}...

I am also lovin' this coolness that has suddenly swept over the K-Y!  Seriously y'all, it was steamy hot just a few days ago and now it is hoodie weather and I am lovin' it!!  I am so ready to wake up on a Saturday morning, crack the windows, curl up in a blanket {with Mr. Hubby of course!} and sip on a cup of Chai Tea!!  I am also so ready to fill my house with the fantabulous fall scents from Bath and Body Works...I am OBSESSED with their candles!  Like I for real buy them out anytime I walk past their store and they are running their 2 for $20 sale...its a true disease I tell ya!

Now to my favorite part of this post...chic teacher clothes!!  Have I mentioned to y'all how much I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft?  If you have not checked out this store yet {which I am almost certain that you have}, then you MUST find the one closest to you and run there ASAP!  They have some of the cutest, most classy clothes around at a great price.  I would say that half of my wardrobe is from The Loft and I did not pay for one single article of clothing full price!!  They are forever having deals anywhere from "50% off sale merchandice" {which is almost always in season clothes} or even "40% off the ENTIRE store"!  They completely rock my socks off!!  As if those deals weren't awesome enough, they run promotions almost monthly where if you spend $50 bucks you get a coupon to come back and pick out $50 worth of more cute threads and only pay $25.  Alright Loft, you have won my heart...and my hubbys...with all your money saving deals!!  Check out a few of the deals I have gotten recently...

{Yet again...terrible picture.  If only I could find my dang USB cord!}

{More Premier jewelry paired with a Forever 21 bracelet I snagged for $3 that store too!!}

{This little cutie was swipped off the sale rack for a whopping $10}

{MOST comfy dress ever! How can you go wrong with a dress that is made to feel like a sweatshirt?}

While out this weekend for some serious retail therapy, I stumbled upon this fantastic new store in our area...
I was in love instantly when I walked in the door!  Think Anthropology but not quite so pricey.  Don't get me wrong, they are still a bit pricey but their accessories were fab and totally reasonable in price.  While browsing through their jewelry a precious little necklace caught my eye.  If any of you follow that sweet little angel Nora then you know all about the "three birds" {if you haven't read about Nora then you must click here and start following her truly is life altering!!}  When I looked at the necklace more closely I realized that there guessed it...three birds exactly on it!! 

 I seriously almost started crying right then and there.  I knew that I had to buy it for Nora's mommy.  I wrapped it up and sent it home with Nora's sister on Monday...yes, I am crazy lucky to have Nora's family at my school!!  Anyhow, you really should check out this store...its really neat!!

Ok--last little tid bit of chic-ness before I reveal my surprise.  While Pinteresting {is that even a word?!} this weekend I found this amazing little tip...

Do you love the look of a peek-a-boo sock but hate the bulky feeling? too!  No worries, take an old sweater {possibly found while thrifting}, cut the bottom half of the sleeve off and slide it up over your calf.  So simple and too cute!!  I will for sure be sportin' this style this winter!

And now to the best part of this surprise!!  After posting last week I received an email from...Very Jane!  I was blown away that they had taken the time to follow their site referrals back to Abby and I.  After chatting a bit, we decided to team up for a giveaway!!  Check out the pics below of the fab necklace that you have a chance to score...

Listed below are the ways you can enter...
Liking Very Jane on Facebook--
Subscribing to VeryJane emails -
Blogging about VeryJane - just drop the link of the post after you have done so to verify the entry
Becoming a new follower at The Inspired Apple
Becoming a new follower at Darlin' in First

The Giveway will end Saturday at midnight.  Good luck sweet friends!!  Night y'all!!

September 11, 2012

...Chic Teacher Tuesday...

Hi there sweet friends!  My fab gal pal, Abby {yes...I am talking about that precious girl over at The Inspired Apple--don't you just heart her?!}, and I are pairing up to bring you a little weekly feature called Chic Teacher Tuesday, where we will give your over worked brain a break to spotlight a few chic {and cheap!} teacher threads!!  Go check out her post HERE.

Abby and I have one important similarity...we both love to bargain shop!  I haven't quite become the expert that she is but I have to admit that this girl knows how to penny pinch and use a coupon or twenty!!  I am all about saving some money but still dressing chic!

As Abby said in her have to pinky promise bite your thumb that you will not judge me based on the cheesy photos posted below...please and thank you!  Let me tell you...taking photos at 6:30 in the morning to post on the internet for the whole world to view is somewhat totally awkward!  Thanks to the hubs for taking these photos though...he's the best and such a good sport!!

I also have to apologize for the horrible quality of these photos!  I have lost temporarily misplaced my usb cord for my camera and had to resort to the trusty iPhone...urgh!

I adore Target!  This cute little lacy blouse comes in 3 colors for a whopping $ it!

I hosted a Premier Jewelry party and scored a total of $450 in free jewelry...seriously amazing!!  Both Premier and Stella and Dot have fab hostess incentives.  If you are looking to expand your jewelry collection, you should for sure think about hosting a party!  It was totally painless and I usually hate hostessing events like this...the whole putting my friends on the spot to purchase something drives me bonkers!
Love, Love, Love Bannana Republic but I hate, hate, hate their prices!  I was able to snatch up this beauty for next to nothing thanks to a friends and family 50% coupon...I love a good deal!!!

More free Premier jewelry!!
A Target maxi dress paired with a denim jacket makes for an easy transition from summer to school!

I live for cute little boutiques!  I love their limited selection so I know everyone and their mother won't have the same pieces as I do...I like a little originality in my life!!  I picked up this little dress for...wait for it...$10 at Francesca's!  They have the cutest clothes and are super reasonable in price. have to make sure you check out these fab sites for some stellar deals!  Seriously, if you love designer looks at a not so designer price, you will be head over heels in love!!  Like them on facebook and you will get advanced notice on their products.  You have to act fast though...they are limited on their quantities!

You will find EVERYTHING you could imagine here at wonderful prices!!  Click on the pic to head to their site!!

This site has the most precious outfits but you have to act fast because they sell out in record time!!

Hope y'all were able to pick up some chic tips!!  Be sure to stop in later this week...I will be posting a few freebies including tips on how to use math learning logs with the little bits!!  Night sweet friends!!

September 2, 2012

I survived...A random post of catching up!!

**this post will be completely random & a bit long!!**

Geez o' Pete!  What a month this has been!  I FINALLY got into my new classroom the NIGHT BEFORE "Meet the Teacher" night...and I survived!!  To say the least, I had a mild heart attack!!  {Technically we were able to get into the building Friday night but we had a vacation planned to Chicago months prior when we thought we were getting into our classroom way earlier.  Note to self...never ever plan a trip in August!!} 
This is why my classroom was in a state of chaos on Sunday night when we arrived back 10 pm!!

Thanks to my sweet sweet hubby, I was able to get my classroom unpacked and decorated in less than 24 hrs!! 
{Just a few "teaser" pics...I will post more soon!!
Loving the "Dots on Turquoise" fresh and fun!!

I have the sweetest room mom who made these adorable curtains!  Love her to pieces!!

How fun is this decal?!  I found it on ETSY for a whopping $25 bucks...totally couldn't pass it up!!

My super sweet mom who made my curtains also made me this chair cover...too stinkin' cute!!  She is also making me one for my "Bucket Filler of the Week" and "I Lost a Tooth"...have I said how much I love her?!

**On to the next bit of randomness!**

D.O.T Binders!!
I know that this is not a new idea but I absolutely love my D.O.T binders!!  They keep my life, my students lives and my parents lives in complete order!!  Here are a few pics of how I organize mine...

Love this...thanks to  sweet Michelle Oakes for this great resource!!

I change out the lists as the students master each Dolch List

I have each family sign a D.O.T explains everything they need to know to stay organized!!

{Sorry friends...this is a long post!  I promise to wrap it up soon!!}

**Last bit of randomness**

I have added two new products to TPT!  The first is my Polka Dot Theme Clip Chart!

I have included everything you need to make your chart, a description of the colors, a chart to record weekly behavior for parents and certificates for students whose clip is on the principal or on the teacher.

I have also posted an editable word wall pack for both the polka dot and chevron theme.  These packs accompany the word wall packs that I have already made or you can add any words to them from your curriculum.  There are no words included so you can type in any words that work for your classroom!!  The word cards and alphabet cards are both included! 
{Click here for the chevron pack and here for the polka dot pack}

Ok sweet friends...I think I am finally caught up!!  That was a heck of a post!!  To celebrate me surviving my move to a new school, I will give away two packs {either my editable word wall pack or my clip chart pack} to the first two friends who leave a comment {don't forget to include your email address and which pack you would like}!! I'd love to see a comment from you...they truly make my lil' heart smile!!
 Night y'all!!

P.S.  I "stole" the idea of adding my blog title to my pics from the sweet Cara at The First Grade her and all her wonderful ideas!!