October 14, 2012

Stayin' Organized...Forms to Help Ya Out!!

Have you heard the fabulous news?!!  Well, unless you live in my lil' ol' town you probably haven't but I have to tell you...Mr. Hubby's varsity high school soccer team won the district tournament!!  Y'all...this is huge!  The last time his school won was when he was playing...12 years ago!!  How stinkin' cool is it that he has now won districts as a player and a coach!!  I am SOOOOO proud of him!!!
And I have to say...this girl should get "wife of the year" award!  Tonight was the first game in the regional tournament and wouldn't you know...it just had to poor rain...the entire game!  Seriously y'all...I was soaked to the bone and freezing cold!  It was worth it though when we {yes...I consider myself part of the team!} pulled off a 4-0 win!! 

Ok...on to "teaching" stuff!  I don't know about y'all but parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner.  Seriously?  How could it already be that time?!  This year is just'a scootin' right along!! I thought I would share with you a few forms that I use. 

First up is my conference pack that I use to guide my conference.  My parent's love this!  It has EVERYTHING they need to know about what their lil' sweetie has learned so far and how they have performed on assessments in reading and math.

You can also click {here} to take a peek at the letter I send home to parents to sign up for conferences and click {here} to see the form I use the night of conferences for parents to sign confirming they attended the conference.

Um...has anyone else had issues with finding a lesson plan template that they like?  I have been through 4 different designs in this year alone!  I started out with plans that were 10+ pages long a week.  Let me tell you, they were some detailed lesson plans but my teaching seriously stunk!!  I was spending so much time writing the plans that I didn't have the time to learn the lessons!  This is why I came up with this format and
I LOVE IT!!  Everything fits on two pages!!

This week we began learning how to participate in literature circles and my darlin's are totally eatin up the whole mustache and tie gig...they are so engaged and are just too dang cute with their props!!

{click here to snatch up a copy from my TPT store}

I am crossing my fingers that I have my newest pack ready to go by this Friday!  I am so excited about this one!!  It will include several math activities {including Pumpkin Dissecting!}, a few literacy activities and a craftivity!! 

Don't forget to stop back in on Tuesday for "Chic Teacher Tuesday"!!

October 10, 2012

{Chic Teacher Tuesday on a Wednesday}

Hi y'all!  Well shuckie darns...sorry about the lack of a post last night!  My sweet hubby coaches varsity highschool soccer and they were playing in the first round of districts.  Thank goodness they pulled of a win...can I get a woot woot?!  Seriously...it was a huge win!  They now automatically move onto regionals which hasn't happened since 2003!!!

Anywho...onto Chic Teacher Tuesday {on a Wednesday!}

As Abby said last night, we are having such a hard time remembering to take our slightly more than awkward photos each morning so I apologize ahead of time for the lack of photos.  I think I am going to start taking pics that chop my head off!  That way I don't feel so awkward...maybe!

So here goes...my week at a glance...

Top:  Blue Door Boutique...love this site!
Bottoms:  black leggin's (sorry...gotta put a lil' twang in it!) Forever 21
Boots:  Rack Room Shoes...love, love, love!

Top:  Ann Taylor Loft...60% off!
Bottoms:  Gap...$12 bucks!
Heels (I know...I'm Ca-Razy!)...Nine West Outlet

Top:  Ann Taylor Loft
Bottoms:  Gap...again under $15 bucks! 
Boots:  Same as above!

Have I told you lately how much I am in love with boots?!  And let me tell ya...I totally don't discriminate...short, tall, furry...I love 'em all!!

I know what you are thinking...but I swear the furry pair are totally cute and fun!!  Partnered with a slochy sweater and a pair of skinnies and you are set!

Every southern girl needs a pair of cowboy boots!

After Abby texting me a pic of her newest shoe purchase, I had to race out and snag up a pair!  And I can vouch for their comfyness as well!!

And last up...my {Pinterest} find of the week...

This outfit screams fall and just looks so dang comfy!!

Ok friends...I have so much "teacher" stuff to share with you and I PROMISE to be back this weekend with all of it!  Fall break is Friday and Monday and I plan on veggin' out and doing some major blogging!!

P.S.  Abby and I were thinking of making our "Chic Teacher Tuesday" a linky party...what do you think?!  Interested?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Night y'all!! I'm taking my tuckered lil' self to bed!!

October 2, 2012

...Chic Teacher Tuesday & a Flash Sale...

Hi y'all!!  Please tell me that I am not the only one that is utterly blown away by the fact that it is already OCTOBER!!!???  Seriously friends, where is this year going already?  Either way, I am beyond pumped about this month!  There are so many fun things going on around my lil' neck of the woods this month...fall festivals, our walk-a-thon/costume parade, HALLOWEEN {love all the cuties dressed up but HATE HATE HATE the scary portion of it...seriously...I'm talking I have to close my eyes and hum LOUDLY anytime a scary movie preview comes on!  It totally cracks Mr. Hubby up everytime I do it...he will thank me later when I'm not waking him up in the middle of the night due to a nightmare!!}...I just love this month and it's cool, crisp temps! 

Moving right along to...CHIC TEACHER TUESDAY!!

Can you tell what I am totally lovin' right now in the fashion world...

Top:  Loft...Sale rack, obviously!
Cords:  J Crew Outlet
Necklace:  Target...about a bazillion years ago!

Dress:  Banana Republic Outlet
Boots:  Target
Scarf:  Francescas

Top:  The Loft on sale
Bottoms:  Black crops from Banana Republic...50% off
Necklace:  Target
Snakeskin Heels {Yes...I am that crazy teacher that sometimes wears heels to school!}:  Ninewest Outlet
P.S.--Did you hear that the new style {or new to me} is mixing animal prints...
what the heck, why not!?

Did you guess my two obsessions for the week?!  Animal print and outlet shopping!!  Mr. Hubby totally spoiled me rotten this weekend and took me shopping ALL DAY LONG on Saturday...bless his little heart!!

Last week, my lil' sweeties earned a "bring your favorite teddy bear to school" day!  They were so dang cute walking into class beaming with excitement!!  I, however, was the most excited when one of my darlin's brought in her favorite teddy bear and it just happened to be the same one I had when I was a little bit!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Y'all--Mr. Snuggles seriously went EVERYWHERE with me!!  I had to snap a pic with my sweet girl and our twin teddy's!!

Last little bit...

I saw this on Pinterest and I HAVE TO CREATE THIS OUTFIT...So in love!  One of our school colors is red and this would be a perfect "spirit day" outfit {plus--it is animal print}!!  Now the task is to find it on sale...mmmmm...more reasons to do some more shopping this weekend!!

Make sure you check back in later this week{end} for a halloween math pack!  It is a perfect activitiy to do for your fall celebrations!! 

Night sweet friends!!

P.S.  In honor of the beginning of Fall I am having a Flash sale!  Hurry on over to my TPT store...this sale will only last for 24 hours!!