March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sale!

It's Spring {or so that's what they say!} and some friends and I are throwing a huge "Spring Cleaning Sale"!  Be sure to check out all of our stores starting tomorrow morning...happy shopping friends!!
Click the pic to head on over to my lil' shop at TPT!!
Thanks so much to Krista Lyn of Creative Clips for designing this adorable graphic!  Check out her blog here to see all the great stores that will be on sale!!

March 24, 2013

Finally...I'm Finished!! Geesh!!

My goodness!  This was the never ending "update" to a product!  I didn't think I was ever going to finish it--but I did!!  My newly revised "Leapin' Leprechauns" unit is now uploaded to TPT and it will be on sale for the next 24 hours due to my complete tardiness! 
 Snatch it up now and store it away for next year.  Here is a snapshop of the table of contents to give you an idea of what's included...
(the structure is very similar to my personal narrative unit if you have it!)
 Take a peek at a few of the pages!!
Would you believe we have a snow storm headed our way tonight...I hate to call him out but Mr. Groundhog..."You are a big fat stinkin' lier"!!  Ok...I feel better now!
Night sweet friends!!
(P.S.  I will be emailing the first three comments from the last post this updated unit.  Keep an eye out for it!!)

March 17, 2013

Hey...look here Jack!!

Hey...look here, Jack!  Gosh darn...I just love Duck Dynasty!  Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed  with this show?!  Honest to husband and I about die from laughing every Wednesday night! 
No, but seriously.  I wanted to stop in and leave y'all with a little freebie and an update on my "Leapin' Leprechauns--A Guide to Writing Persuasive Letters" unit.  I have been working endlessly to update this unit and it is taking FO-EVA!  I am just about finished and even though it is St. Patrick's day today, I will put this unit on sale when I post it so you can snatch it up for next year!  Here's a little sneak peak at it!
Last week I was observed for math and I whipped up these little handy dandy cards to help my sweet darlin's with justifying their answers.  Accountable talk is HUGE right now in our district and my students are totally rockin' it!  I printed these cards on card stock, laminated them and gave each student a set.  When they were justifying their answers during our lesson with a partner, they had a visual to help them.  They worked like a dream and my principal totally ate them right up!!  Click the pick below to grab a copy!
And because I am still over the moon excited about my pregnancy, I will leave you with last weeks "bump" pictures!
{Silly Baby B...standing on it's head in Mommy's belly!!  What a personality it already has!!}
In honor of St. Patrick's Day {and because I am so stinkin' late getting this pack finished}, the first three lucky leprechauns to leave me a comment will get my pack for free as soon as its complete!  Don't forget to leave your email addy!!
Night friends and happy St. Patricks day to you!! 
P.S.--Did I mention that we have less than 9 weeks of school left...woop woop!!! 

March 10, 2013

Whoa Baby!!

Whoa baby!! 
That's right hubby and I are expecting our first sweet baby in September!!  Is this a good enough reason for why I have been completely nonexistent for the past month?!  Let me explain a bit more...

Two years ago, my hubby and I decided that it was time for our family to grow.  We both adore children and our hearts were telling us our family was not complete.  Like most young couples, we were completely naive in thinking that once we started trying, we would have success right away.  God had a much different plan for us though!  It has been a long, tough road filled with many tears, frustration, hopeless feelings and fear.  We experienced two miscarriages and two surgeries before we realized we needed to take a step forward and see a fertility specialist.  After one visit, our issue was discovered and we were finally able to see hope in our future! 

I can't say that this experience has been hasn't been at all.  But this experience has done so much more for us.  Our relationship with Christ has strengthened more than we ever knew possible.  We learned to lean on him and trust in his plan for our family.  Through this process, He has helped to bring us closer to Him, to each other and to our friends and family.  I have learned to love my husband to a completely new level!  He has been more than wonderful and has been my rock through this all.  We are over the moon excited to begin this new journey in our life and look forward to all the joy that this sweet miracle will bring to us!

After telling all of our family and friends, I was so excited to tell my little sweeties at school!  I sent home a letter the day before to the parents to tell them the big news and to explain that this was why I had taken several half days recently (I didn't want them thinkin' that I was some slacker teacher!).  Because of our past, we had to go to the doctor every other week through the first trimester to make sure everything was ok.  I loved this because I was able to see my sweet baby every two weeks and hear the amazing sound of its heartbeat...there is no better sound!!  I asked the parents to keep my secret quite so that I could tell the kids myself!

That Friday morning, I began our making words lesson by giving each table a "mystery" envelope.

Each envelope contained letter cards that the students had to use to form a word.  Once they formed their word, they placed it on the board.  As a class we unscrambled the words to form a sentence. 
They could hardly contain themselves when they read the unscrambled sentence!!

My loves could hardly stand it until I revealed the answer...

Their excitement was adorable!  They absolutely love the idea of me having a baby and talk to my belly daily...makes my heart smile so big!!

Now that the first trimester is over, I'm ready to hit the ground running with this lil' 'ol blog!  I'll be back early this week with a freebie for Accountable Talk and an updated version of my persuasive writing unit!

P.S.  Check out who I had lunch with this weekend!!  Love, love, love these girls!!  They are so inspirational and wonderful!!!  Such a fun blogger meet-up!!  How many of these awesome bloggers can you name?!!

 Thanks for being such amazing supporters!  Y'all rock my socks off!!

March 8, 2013

I'm Alive...I Promise!!

Ok I broke my new years resolution but rest was for a REALLY good reason!!  Make sure to stop back in this weekend to grab a freebie or two and also to hear about my BIG news!!!  Can't wait to fill y'all in!!! 
Happy friday!!!