June 24, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Pregnancy brain is in full gear...let me tell y'all!  As I was cleaning off my computer desktop and jump drive, I ran across an entire folder of pictures that I never posted on here!!  Goodness gracious...let me just go ahead and bless my own heart!!  Check out my photo dump below from my gender reveal party, baby shower at school and mother's day gifts to my sweetie's mommy's{not sure which of those needs an apostrophe!}.  I just can't get over that I completely forgot about this post...for almost two months now!!!   Awwww....lord help me!!
Gender Reveal Party with Family & Friends...
We did a "Little Miss/Little Mister" theme full of mustaches and bows!!
All of our guests voted and chose a bow or mustache pin to wear before we revealed the gender with balloons!  We are over the moon excited to announce that we are having a sweet baby girl!!  She is going to be one spoiled little girl and we absolutely can't wait for her to arrive!!  Now just to choose a name...more on that later!!
Gender Reveal Party with My Firsties...
On the following Monday, I revealed the baby's gender to my little darlin's!  They had so much fun!  We began by completing the following pack complete with voting, graphing and more mustaches and bows {of course they also got a bow or mustache pin to sport all day too!!}
If you have a sweet bundle on the way, feel free to use this activity!  Your kiddo's will love it!
{Click here to grab this printable!}
 Before I revealed the gender, we completed Abby's Mystery Box activity.  Inside the box was a pink bib which all of the clues related to.  This was the perfect activity for the reveal!!  If you don't own this pack, you MUST buy it NOW!!!  I use it for so much!!
My kiddo's were so excited when I revealed that I would be having a little girl and let me just tell you, this baby truly felt the love by this class!  They talked to her everyday and made sure to tell her good bye each day before they left! 
Baby Shower...
Not only do my sweeties love my baby girl but so do their amazing parents!  During the last week of school, I walked into my classroom after being on the playground with my kids to find ALL of my parents in my room for a surprise baby shower!  They simply spoiled me rotten with adorable decorations, cupcakes and a mound of gifts!!
This by far was my most favorite gift!  A book made by my students all about why I will make a good mommy...melts my heart!!
Mother's Day...Finally!!
And last but not least, our Mother's Day gifts.  I did the same activity as last year {click here to check out last year's post} but spruced them up a bit!
These can easily be hung up on the refrigerator at home or on a door or cabinet handle.
All you need for this easy peasy project is the printable {click here to snatch it up...just make sure to trim to the smaller size so that you have a matting with the scrapbook paper}, scrapbook paper, ribbon and lamination {I used my handy dandy Scotch laminator which I am OBSESSED with!}.
We also completed several of Cara's activity's from her "Precious Parents" pack which I adore!!  We wrapped the coupons and book from the pack in a matching bag to accompany their pictures.
Ok... I think I am officially caught up!!  Now I need your help!  The hubby and I are trying desperately to name our sweet girl and we are struggling to say the least!  We have four names picked out...Tinleigh, Lyla, Rylan and Keightley {pronounced kite-lee}...all with the middle name Jane {which is also my middle name}.  So which one do you love...any of them, none of them, something else?  Help...I need to get to monogramming and I just can't decide!!


  1. I'm thinking Lyla Jane sounds precious...

  2. Rylynn is beautiful. My friend just named her little baby that.
    I also like Kensley and Tinsley

    cute pics

  3. Out of those four, Lyla is my favorite.

  4. Lyla Jane! Absolutely precious! The entire post was so sweet!

  5. I love how Lyla Jane sounds... adorable!

  6. I love Tinleigh! It's unique, but it will be easy to pronounce.

  7. Love, love, love Tinleigh! So sweet!

  8. When I try to download the freebie the text is randomly placed all over the page and I can't figure out how to fix it? Would it be possible for you to email this to me? My email is northcutts@rcisd.org.