July 17, 2013

Good-Bye Grad School...Hello TPT Re-vamps!!

I'm so excited so I had to make a quick post!!  I have officially completed Grad School as of tonight!!!  PTL!!  All I need to do is submit two last minute things and I can officially say that I have my Rank 1!!
 {30 hours post masters = Big Time Pay Raise...Woo Hoo!!!}
Here was my set up last night...prepping for my big-time research presentation!!

And this was me today minutes before I presented...with my good luck charm in tow...sweet Baby B!

Now that grad school is out of the way I can finally focus on this little ol' blog, TPT, this coming school year and of course...preparing for my sweet baby to arrive in...7 weeks!!  Gasp!!!
I have to give myself a little pat on the back.  Amongst finishing grad school, I popped out my second update...go me!!

Just like my Editable Polka Dot pack, this pack is also completely editable!  You can add in any words to the pack and choose your color scheme...whatever your lil' heart desires!!  I'll have both of these packs on sale through Friday so hurry on over and snatch one up!
{Click here for polka dots and here for chevron}

And while I'm patting myself on the back, check out my new and improved facebook page!  Complete with a tab for fan freebies and links to my instagram and pinterest pages!  Can you tell how proud I am of myself?!

You would totally make my heart smile if you would head on over to darlin' in first and like my page!  I plan to post exclusive freebies here in the the future for fans only!  You don't want to be the only kid left out now do ya?  Have I twisted your arm enough yet?! 

Ok friends, I am off to work on my next revamp...my binder covers! 

Just a little sample...what do ya think?  Anything you are looking for specifically in binder covers?  These are my fav to create because I am a total organization nerd!!

Night friends!!

P.S.  Did you notice how I blogged twice in one week...stop the world!  It's a miracle!!


  1. It's that nesting thing totally setting in!
    Trying to get all your ducks in a row (and then some, in your case...take a little break, worker bee!) before baby gets here!
    Congrats on such great accomplishments, especially grad school. Can't wait for that (distant) day, myself;)

    1. Thanks sweet friend!! I am for sure nesting!! Lovin' all this extra time but can't wait for it to be filled with my sweet baby in 7 weeks!!

  2. Congrats Rebecca on all of your wonderful accomplishments! You are amazing! I am so excited for all of the wonderful things happening for you! I love the new binder cover look too!

  3. Congrats - this is going to be an awesome year for you! 7 weeks will fly by ...

  4. Congrats on finishing grad school - that's awesome! You look so cute with Baby B!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. oh! You are so cute! It ALMOST makes me want a 4th! haha!