July 15, 2013

Lots of baby and a little teacher stuff!

Hi y'all!!  I don't know about you but I am seriously having the best summer!  Getting ready for this sweet little girl is consuming my every minute but I am eating it all up!!  This sweet girl is seriously being spoiled rotten already!  We have had 3 showers already and still have 2 more...crazy-town but so blessed!!  Needless to say, she should have everything she needs and more! 
Her nursery is almost complete!  I just need to add a few little accessories and her monogram on the wall and it will be perfect...I am so in love with it!
Once we choose her name {which we think we have!!}, this monogram will go on the pink wall above the crib!!
I am obsessed with her changing table!  Snagged this lil' gem from Homegoods on clearance!!  The glass was missing from the door so I just replaced it with the fabric from her bedding...score!!  Her changing pad will go in between the two boxes {they will hold her diapers, wipes, lotion and anything else I need to grab in a hurry}.
And here I am at 30 weeks {I totally missed my 29 week pic so I combined them!}.  I'm up to 31 this week...we are officially in the home stretch and I couldn't be more excited!!!
Besides decorating the nursery, I have been consumed with my new hobby...bows!  I have seriously already made her 20...they are addicting and so easy {and cheap} to make!
Ok...back to teacher thoughts!  I am in the process of updating all of my units.  I am seriously embarrassed by so many that I have posted on TPT!!  Here is my latest update...
This pack is completely editable so that you can pick the color scheme of your classroom {I have included all colors and several shades of each color!} and then add the words that you need.  All you have to do is change the font so that it is way cuter than the boring Arial Narrow that I had to use.  I totally suggest Cara's fonts...they are my absolute fav!!! 
You can snag a copy of my newest re-vamp here.
And last but not least...
{Adorable graphic by the sweet Cara Carroll}
Click on the button above and then search for Darlin' in First!
I am off to work on more re-vamps...wish me luck that I can get them completed in the next week so I can move on to new stuff.  Heaven knows that my poor little store needs some fresh products in there!! 


  1. Love your picture you look adorable!! Your bows are precious too!
    -lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  2. Your nursery is adorable!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. Wow that nursery is gorgeous!! I love my two little boys to pieces, but I can't help feeling a twinge of "baby fever" when I see your decor and those sweet little bows;)!! She is definitely sufficiently spoiled by such a deserving mother! (and father, though I don't "know" him as well!) so happy for your happiness!!

  4. The nursery looks beautiful! Love the changing table - what a great find!

  5. what a beautiful nursery! I love how detailed ultrasounds are now! So excited for you :)


  6. That is one beautiful nursery! Congrats!!

    Mary Kate
    Windy City Learning

  7. Love the nursery and you are about the cutest pregnant momma I have every seen! I looked nothing like that when I was pregnant with my little boy! Congrats!

  8. You are adorable... and so is the nursery! I am so excited for you! :)