October 10, 2013

Carvin' Out Fun! {Throwback Thursday}

Can you believe it?!  I held true to my word about blogging...I know, right...C-RAZY town!!  Not only am I blogging but I have also {almost} completed a mini-unit that I began...wait for it...a year ago!!  Talk about procrastinating!  Check out this "throwback Thursday" post about the unit from last year...
October 2012...
For Halloween this year we had the BEST time!  During the morning we visited the farm and learned all about farm life as well as grabbed ourselves our very own "pie pumpkin" from the pumpkin patch!  I had no idea that these cute little pumpkins had their very own name!!
That afternoon we completed our pumpkin study from my unit "Carvin' Out Fun" {...which I promise to post in my TPT shop...very soon!  I know...I am a bit late!  Don't you worry though...it will be on sale so you can snatch it up and stash it away for next year!!}
 Who would have guessed that Pie Pumpkins would have so many seeds in them!?  They were the perfect size for my lil' darlin's!  {I used one for most of the study with the whole class but each table had their own for counting the seeds.}

Check out a few pics from our day of fun!  We made predictions, collected data {weight, circumference, float/sink, number of seeds, etc!} and analyzed our data!!

We used these fun little mats to help us count our seeds!
I read these two books to the kiddos during our two day study.  "The Littlest Pumpkin" was perfect considering the size of our pumpkins!!

 Last...I took the seeds home and baked them.  We tasted two different kinds--sweet {cinnamon, sugar and butter} and salty--and then graphed our results!  Yummy!!

This unit also includes a "how-to" writing activity for carving pumpkins plus so much more!! 
- - - - - - - - - - - -
This unit has been completely revamped and 6 new activities have been added. 
Take a peek at what's included...

I am crossing my fingers that this will be posted by Sunday!!  Can y'all hold me to that too?!!!  I'd love to give this pack away to two followers once its complete.  Leave me a comment below letting me know your favorite fall activity and I'll have Mr. Hubby randomly choose two winners!!
I'm off to cuddle with this precious girl!  Have I mentioned how much I simply adore her??!!


  1. That pack looks awesome! And your little girl is precious!! My favorite fall activity is going to a pumpkin farm and seeing the leaves change and the crisp air and seeing pumpkins! Basically, I just love fall!!!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. You're baby girl is absolutely precious and I love the name! I have a one year old niece and her name is Kinsley and I just love a unique name. My favorite fall activity is definitely our apple unit. I have been known to stretch it to 2 weeks because there is just SO much I want to do with it and there is not enough time in 1 week!


  3. Rebecca, she is so adorable! Thanks for sharing the cute pumpkin ideas! I love going to pumpkin patches in the fall, especially now that I have a sweet little boy to take with me! Hope you are enjoying all of your time with that precious little girl!

  4. My absolute favorite fall activity is learning about "creepy-cool Halloween critters" (spiders, bats, and owls). I absolutely LOvE the owls we make...they are adorbs! Though not nearly as adorable as that little punkin' with the pretty blue flower bow;)

  5. OMG! Could she be any cuter! I loved it when we used to take our 1st graders to the pumpkin patch. Keep thinking the we should plant our own...but it never happens! Love what I see of your packet.


  6. Your baby is simply ADORABLE! Almost makes me want another! :) My favorite fall activity is doing a unit on bats! So much fun! I would love your pumpkin unit since I do pumpkins too!


  7. My favorite fall activity is taking my firsties to a fruit farm to pick apples and pumpkins. We learn all about apples before we go and pumpkins after. We are going next Wed. Can't wait! I think we, the teachers, get more excited than the kids. Teaching with Giggles... vmp1269@msn.com

    1. I apologize about all of my posts, I am commenting using my phone and it has a mind of its own! So sorry!

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  13. LOVED the purple chevron background of the unit! ;) Looks great!

    Flying High in First Grade

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  15. Fall is being together with family and friends for football and food.