October 2, 2013

Well Hello There!!

I know, I know...I have promised about a bazillion times to be more consistent with my blogging and dang if I haven't fell quiet short of that promise!  Let me be honest...I have had a little something else in life that has captured all of my attention...and my heart!!
Meet Miss Tinleigh Jane...Born September 9 at 8:03 pm!!
Goodness gracious!  This precious little girl has me absolutely over the moon in love!  In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine how something so tiny could change my world in the most amazing way!  If you read my mother's day post then you know just how blessed we have been with this sweet little girl...God is truly unbelievable and we owe everything to Him!!
So even though I told a big 'ol fat lie about staying consistent with blogging, I did have a good reason...right?!  Now that I am on maternity leave and I am getting back in the groove of a schedule, I am going to try my very best to blog once a week!!  Can someone please hold me to that?!!!
Mr. Hubby decided that while I was on leave, I should get my tail in high gear and get to making some new products!!  I agreed with him!  First up was a revamp to my Bucket Filler Book!!  Click on the pic to snatch up a copy for FREE!! 
I don't know about y'all but I absolutely ADORE Bucket Filling!!  Read below to see what you can find included in this pack!!
My little sweeties absolutely love their Bucket Filler books that their friends make for them!  It seriously melts my heart to hear them brag on the Bucket Filler!!  If you need (or want) a great addition to this pack, check out Ashley Reed's Bucket Filler Brigade Pack!  It is AMAZING!!
Did I mention that I recently won a new Bucket Filler book from Barbara Gruener at The Corner on Character and its signed by the author Carol McCloud!  So stinkin' excited to add this book my library of Bucket Filler books!!  Thanks again Barbara...you are too sweet!!
Ok friends...I will be back in a week (hold me to this) with another blog post...cross my heart!!
P.S.  Did you notice the makeover on my blog?!!!  The amazing Tenille at The Cutest Blog on the Block created the design and I L-O-V-E...love it!!  It is so me!!
Have a blessed week sweet friends! 


  1. The blog is adorable, Tinleigh is adorable, it's just all ADORABLE!! :) I read your mother's day post and it brought me to tears because I am in that season of our life right now. We have lost 1 baby who is in the arms of God now and we are in the middle of IVF right now. My trust in God has grown thin many times through all of this, but lately I have had a sense of peace. Which of course only comes from Him! And I thank Him every day for that peace because without it this journey would be alot harder! I am hoping that this next Mother's Day, I'll be able to understand what it means to be a momma with a baby in my belly! Thank you for your vulnerability with sharing your story to becoming Tinleigh's parents. It was greatly appreciated!

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. So happy to hear from you on your blog! Tinleigh is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!! I hope you are soaking up every little minute with her! I definitely have baby fever right now! Congratulations!

  3. So glad to hear from you! I have been checking in regularly hoping to catch a glimpse of a beautiful baby. Tinleigh is absolutely precious, and I hope you are enjoying every moment with her!

  4. She is so rockin' that bow - enjoy this special time! Thanks for the freebie.

  5. oh she's so precious! And what a darlin' little name!

  6. Oh Rebecca - I am SO thrilled to meet Tinleigh and to see her angelic face. What a gift! I'm glad the Bucket Book made its way into your collection for her!

    Thanks for the shout out. Barbara