December 1, 2013

Get Your Shop On...Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale!!

My cart is loaded up and ready for checkout!  So stinkin' excited about this sale 'cause lord knows I need a lot of fun and festive units to get me through these next few weeks.  I'm so sad to say that my maternity leave is over and I have to leave my precious girl to go back to work on Wednesday.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching but I have loved being a stay at home mommy even MORE!!  Bless her heart, my assistant better have a box of tissues on hand on Wednesday because I will for sure need a box...or three!!
I'd love to know your favorite festive products that I can throw in my cart!  Leave me a comment so I can stock up! 
P.S.  My store will be an additional 20% off for the sale.  Use the code "CYBER" to get an additional 8% off to make it a whopping 28% off!  Woo hoo!! 
I'm off to get my shop on some more!  Have fun sweet friends!! 

1 comment:

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