January 27, 2014

Blogging/TPT ADD!!

Ok...I admit it.  I have blogging/TPT ADD!  There...I said it.  I am in desperate need for some serious interventions I tell ya!  I have sat down about a bazillion times to write a post or finish a product and I just can't do it. It might have just a little to do with this little cutie pie...I'm not ashamed to admit that!!
So while this little beauty was snoozing today, I finally sat down and finished a product that I began while on maternity leave!  GASP!!  That was almost 5 months ago!!  
{Click here or the pic below to check out my newest product on TPT!!} 
{I might just have a mild obsession with Duck Dynasty!  They just crack me up and I love that it is such a family oriented show!!}
This product was a life saver for me last year when trying to keep track of my sweeties and their phonics skillz!  Included you will find an assessment checklist for the following phonics skills...
...short vowels
...long vowels
...vowel teams
...bossy 'r'
...and more!
At the end of each skill, I would pull my babies back in small groups (or individually) and quickly assess them on how well they could read words from that particular skill.  I could then jot down a few notes and mark their level on the mastery checklist.  Easy peasy!  This made report card time super simple when it came to the Common Core Standard RF.1.3.

I have included both on level words and higher level words (bolded and italicized).  I have also included a class checklist so that you are able to keep track of where each of your students are currently working.
This was created with firsties in mind but could very well be used for your higher level kinders and lower level or beginning of the year second graders. 
Now that I have conquered one thing on my never ending list, I am off to play with my little cutie!  Have a blessed Sunday!!


  1. That little lady is such a cutie! I can see why you are so easily distracted! Love that Duck Dynasty pack!

    Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

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