January 12, 2014

What Cancer Cannot Do...

I have to be honest.  I have set down many times over the last few weeks to write this post and the words just could not come.
(Honestly...I still do not have the words)
  I was in denial.  I was angry.  I was heartbroken.  CANCER.IS.UGLY...plain and simple. 
When I set up the fundraiser for Shannon, I was hoping that when I wrote this post that I would be able to tell you that she had a blessed Christmas with her family.  I was hoping that I would be able to tell you that she was happy, healthy and had kicked cancers butt.  Unfortunately I can't tell you either of those things. 
My heart is absolutely broken over the loss of such a beautiful friend.  Shannon lost her battle with cancer on November 29.  Although she could not beat cancer, she didn't let it take away her spirit.  She fought until the end and gave it all that she had!!  She left behind a loving husband and four beautiful children.
Even though Shannon was not able to win this fight, she was able to leave knowing that her family would be well taken care of.  This is because of YOU!!  My heart is absolutely flooded with love and appreciation for your outpouring of support to the fundraiser "Home for the Holidays".  Although Shannon was not home where we wanted her to be, she was in fact home for the holidays with our heavenly Father!!  What an amazing Christmas she must have had!!
 I will never be able to thank each and every one of you properly!  Please know that this family was so grateful for the gift you gave them.  With your help, we were able to raise close to $7500 to help with expenses encumbered through Shannon's illness.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this fundraiser would be so successful.  However, I should have.  Y'all never fail when it comes to doing good for others!  This is why I am so blessed to be part of this community.  There is so much that is done for others without ever asking anything in return. 
From those who donated products...to those who advertised this fundraiser...to those who bought this pack and donated money to the cause...I want to say THANK YOU!!   To put it simply, y'all are amazing!! 
Blessings sweet friends!!


  1. I absolutely love your graphic! This must have been a very difficult post to write, but it's absolutely beautiful. So sorry to hear about Shannon!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. Thank YOU for organizing this fundraiser and being an absolute blessing to this beautiful family! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I am sure she was comforted knowing that you were helping take care of the family that she loved so much. It is people like you who make the world a better place.

    Teacher at Heart
    Teachers Pay Teachers

  3. What a poignant post, Rebecca. Such a special family was so blessed by your efforts and the teaching community. God is so good.

    Hugs - Lisa

  4. I have no words right now.... you are an amazing woman for all you did for your friend during this most difficult time.
    good enough teacher

  5. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful friend. What a faithful friend you have been. Thank you for sharing your generosity.


  6. Rebecca, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious friend! What a lovely tribute you have written! Prayers for you and for her beautiful family!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade