March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

Hi y'all!  I am so excited to be joining a bazillion of my amazing blogger friends for the 2nd "Bright Ideas Blog Hop"!  The last one was absolutely fabulous and I am certain that this one will be even better!
I am so excited to share with you a few ideas that I use in my kinder classroom for behavior management!  Now don't get too excited...these ideas are nothing to "write home about" but they sure do help me to keep my little rascals under control!!  I hope y'all are able to take away a few ideas that you can implement in your own room...enjoy sweet friends!!
1.  Individual  Clip Chart...Seriously y'all, this chart has changed my entire classroom!  I use this chart system for so many management techniques.  This particular one is the original one created by "New Management".  Each student has a clip (with a fun little glitter dot!) on the chart with their number written on it.  The numbered clips allow me to use them year after year versus making new ones each year with the students names on them.  Students are able to move up and down the chart throughout the day depending on the choices they make.  Good choices move up the chart and not so good choices (I hate using the word "bad") move down the chart.  Read more about how to implement this chart in your classroom by clicking the link above!!
2.  Whole group Clip Chart...I also use another clip chart (same levels as the one above) for my entire class.  If the class is making good choices as a whole, they move their clip up and if they are making not so good choices, they move their clip down.  At the end of the day, I record what color they ended on and award them a point for each level...ex:  green = 1, yellow = 2, orange = 3 and red = 4.  Pointes are deducted for any color below green.  Once my sweeties reach 50 pts, they receive a treat...pj day, show and tell, crazy sock day...etc.  Works like a charm...most of the time!
3.  Table Clip Chart...Next year I plan to implement this nifty little technique.  Each of my four tables will have a stack of cups on their table with colors coordinated to the clip chart.  As that table is making good choices, I will flip their cup to a higher level color.  Vice versa occurs as well...for choices made that aren't the best (such as a little too much chit chat), I will flip their cup to a lower level.  I haven't quite figured out the reward system for this but I have a little bit of time to think on this before next year rolls around!
4.  Kiss Your Brain and Smarty Pants Jars...My kiddo's simply die over any candy award!  This little trick is nothing special but again, it keeps the lions tame!  For brilliant ideas and participation, I like to tell my sweeties to "Kiss Their Brains" and they receive a Hershey kiss as well as a clip up on the chart or I might just call them a "Smarty Pants" in which they earn a pack of smarties and again, a clip up on the chart!  Can y'all tell that I incorporate that dang little chart every way possible?!!
5.  Table Dismissal...Dismissal time can be a bit chaotic so I do my best to pull the best tricks out of the hat!  What keeps my wild monkeys calm?  Nothing more than a little promise to start them on yellow the next day if they pack up quietly...simple right?!  Whichever table is the quietest during pack up and dismissal will earn the right to start on yellow the next day.  I am about as forgetful as they come so I had to make table labels to help me remember who would start on yellow the next day.  I simply place my fun little glitter pom pom next to the winning table and I have a simple reminder the next morning!  Easy Peasy!

6. Chit Chat Breaks...I don't know about you but I have a few Chatty Cathey's in my class!  Love them to pieces but boy do they love to talk!  To help manage this, I implemented "Chit Chat Breaks".  At the start of every lesson, students have to opportunity to earn up to a 2 minute "chit chat break".  Throughout the lesson, if my students are talking to the point that I have to stop teaching, then I take a minute away from their break.  If they are able to "shape up", I let them earn the minutes back.  At the end of the lesson, they are awarded with a "chit chat break" equal to the number on the board.  This is a win-win technique because those extra two minutes allow me time to transition and prepare for the next lesson.
Let me be the first to say that none of these ideas are mind blowing but they sure to help me stay sane!  I hope you enjoyed visiting and taking a minute to read up on a little behavior management!!
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  1. I cannot WAIT to implement chit chat breaks!!! BRILLIANCE my friend!!! Love the visuals for them, too!! Yay Yay Yay!!!! xoxo Lisa

  2. I LOVE the idea of chit chat breaks. Even as a teacher sitting in a presentation, I think I might listen better and be more quiet if I could earn a couple minutes to talk to my buddies!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. Love the chit chat breaks! Brilliant!!

    Teaching in High Heels.

  4. I love the idea of the chit chat breaks. That is something that could really help out my class FULL of chatty Cathies!

  5. Need the Chit Chat break idea, do you have it for sale

  6. Love the cups idea. They started doing those in our cafeteria this year. Works great! The chit chat break is a great idea! I need to try this with my kiddos!!

    The Price of Teaching

  7. Ready to make my Chit Chat Break signs right now!! I love my kiddos this year, but they are a chatty bunch!!! Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  8. I love the chit-chat chart!

  9. Would you share these?! I love the signs!

  10. Like everyone else, I love your chit chat break! I could've used that this past year - such a talkative group - and love that they can earn the time to talk!

  11. I just found this post through pinterest and let me tell you I cannot wait to try the chit chat breaks...smartest idea ever! Thanks a bunch!
    Teaching and Much Moore