March 2, 2014

Currently...First One Ever!!

Shut the front door y'all...this is my first "Currently" ever!  I don't know why I have never linked up before...these are so stinkin' fun!! my hubby wash the dishes!  Dang I love that man...he is simply too good for me!  I could brag on him for days...but I won't bore y'all with that!!
Loving...our snow day tomorrow!  I'm not gonna lie...I love snow days so much more now that I have my sweet girl!  There is nothing better waking up to this sweet smile knowing I have the whole day to spend with her!
Thinking...this winter is never going to end!  As much as I love snow days, I love my summer even more!!  T is going to be at the perfect age and I want to soak up every second of the summer with her as I can!! redecorate my entire house.  Is it terrible that we just built our house less than 5 years ago and I am already ready to redecorate every inch of it?  My taste changes way to much!!
Needing...a vacation somewhere warm! I am done with Old Man Winter!!
Can you guess what my secret question is from my answer...
shop, read and snuggle with my sweet girl!
Stay warm sweet friends! 


  1. Your daughter is precious!
    My little girl is going to be 11 months next week :)
    Enjoy your snow day tomorrow! Days with our kids are the best!
    Miss Elementary

  2. I am with you on the being tired of the winter. I live in the south and I am not used to cold weather in March! Enjoy your beatiful girl tomorrow. They grow up too quick! Is you secret question- the things you are going to do tomorrow?
    Have a great week!
    Love Teaching Kids

  3. She is so adorable! Thanks for posting! I love reading other teacher blogs. They are such an inspiration. So thanks!

  4. I'm guessing your secret question is "What am I going to do tomorrow?" ;) I hope if you're snowed in that your shopping is going to be online! We also have a snow day tomorrow, but it's mainly to do with ice & extremely cold wind chill---so I plan on staying indoors! Enjoy your day with that sweet, too-cute little darlin' !

  5. The currently are so much fun to do! I need to get on mine! Goodness, 3 days late! As for your question, is it "What are you doing for Spring Break?" :)

  6. I would say your ????? is: What are your favorite things?

  7. Y'all are all so close!! My question was..."What do I love to do on Saturdays?"

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