November 4, 2014

Kinder Benchmarking!

Hi ya sweet friends!  Just wanted to pop in and leave ya with a little freebie.  We recently wrapped up our parent teacher conferences...all 48 of them!!  Let me just tell ya...this momma was plum tuckered out after that!  I'm pretty sure I did a lot of rambling in my whopping 10 minutes that I had with each parent but I have to say that this little packet made those 10 minutes much more intentional. 
During each conference, I went over each assessment that my kiddos had taken so far this year...sight word progress, STAR data and my individual foundational skills (both ELA and math) assessment. 
I also included a list of all of the skills that the students had at least been exposed to thus far this year...I made sure to emphasize that these were not skills that should be mastered as they would see them spiral back around throughout the year.  These were simply skills that had been introduced and were great talking points to use with their sweeties!
I created an individual benchmarking assessment to assess my kiddos on their foundational ELA and math skills...Letter Names (both lowercase and capital), Letter Sounds, Counting, Identifying and Writing their numbers to 20.  For any concept missed, I highlighted it so that myself and the parents were aware.

If you are interested, you can snatch up my benchmarking assessment for free in my store!  Just click here or on the pic below!
How do y'all run your conferences?!  I'd love to hear from ya!!

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I was wondering if you had the progress update and benchmarking tool available in your store. I absolutely loved the kindergarten benchmarking for conferences. Thanks so much!!