January 29, 2015

A Day Behind!

I am so sorry!!  I completely missed my post last night...mommy duties called!  I had a sick baby that needed my attention and I can't lie...besides cleaning up her sickness multiple times, I absolutely loved my extra snuggles that I was able to steal!
To make up for it, I will be posting about my next TWO handwriting/fine motor resources and both resources and my bundle will be on sale until tomorrow morning...score one for you!!
First up is my Handwriting with a Punch resource.  Super easy peasy and my sweeties love it!  They seriously think its the coolest thing ever to be able to use a hole puncher and I seriously love that I am working their little hand muscles and their brains at the same time...win-win!!
Supplies needed:  ABC Printables and a hole puncher (you can get these at the dollar store for a buck each...super cheap!!)

Your sweet peas will use the hole puncher to punch out each of the focus letters around the border of the page as seen below...

Last, they will trace each of the focus letters and then write the focus letter using their best handwriting and following the correct letter formation directions. 

This resource is so simple and is great to use for independent practice in centers!!
Here are the materials y'all will need...
I put the paint on small foil squares...easy clean up when you can just take it and toss it in the trash when finished!
Step 1...
Students will "dot" the focus letter using their q-tip and paint and following the correct letter formation.
Step 2...
Students will trace the focus letter at the bottom of the page using a pencil (I used my handy flair pens because believe it or not, I don't have one single pencil in my house...crazy town!).
Finished product...
So what do ya think?!  If you love these two resources, be sure to check out the bundle which will include all 6 packs and a bonus exit slip pack for a discounted price!! 
Unfortunately I now must work on paying bills...ugh!  Amazing how the paycheck seems to disappear with just a couple clicks...so not fun!
Check back tomorrow to read more about my fourth resource...Alphabet Pom Pom Squeeze!

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