February 1, 2015

And Another One Bites the Dust...!

Unfortunately, I missed my Friday post...ugh!  My hubby bit the dust Thursday night with the stomach bug so Momma was busy all weekend taking care of the hubby and the babies!  He is now on the mend and we are all praying that E and I don't get it...fingers crossed!!
So two days late but I can now post about my 4th handwriting/fine motor resource...

(Depending on your tweezers, you may want to use the smaller pom pom's.  I used the large ones and my tweezers wouldn't open quite far enough to pick them up).
Do y'all have Super Bowl plans today?  If not, and you'll be doing a little shopping, my store will be 20% off today and tomorrow including my Handwriting/Fine Motor Bundle!
So what team are y'all cheering for?!  Either way...I'm pumped about some yummers food and time with my sweet family!! 
Have a blessed day friends!!

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  1. I just pinned this to keep in mind for my struggling firsties - sparkly pom poms get them every time! Hope this week treats your family much better! Jen